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How To Create Your Own Display: A Step-by-Step Guide from MS POS Designers

Point of Sale (POS) displays offer a number of advantages for both brands and customers during CNY and even during regular days in the market. Convenience and easy recognition, to name a few. But the question now; how can you create your own display idea that will not only provide convenience to your customers but will also help your brand generate sales? Well, have you ever asked for help from experienced POS designers?

Perhaps, you’ve seen a lot of POS ideas in the market. And maybe you are wondering how these engaging displays were made. Or probably, you are thinking of adopting these kinds of POS ideas to your business.

Let us show you an attractive POS display design, and let us discuss how to come up with this creative idea.

POS Designers

Our fantastic team create this unique and engaging FSDU as a promotional idea for CNY. We got inspired by Coca-cola as we noticed that most people buy and drink Coca-cola drinks during the Lunar New Year celebration. Knowing this, it prompts the brand to create more promotional activities during this season. We made this concept as we think this can help the brand to advertise its promotion even more.

POS Designers

This beverage rack is very interesting and indeed functional. It is designed with LED lights, making it attractive. Moreover, it has metal storage at the back. So instead of simply filing the rack with canned soft drinks, the slot in the back of the display serves as storage.

If you’re interested in learning the step by step process on how to make this kind of POS display unit, our experienced POS designers shared them below.

4 Steps in Designing Your Own POS Display

Chinese New Year is the time for Asian drinks. And there’s no better way to display them than putting them in a branded and customised POS display unit.

First Stage: Brainstorming Session

Every great invention is a product of important information and ideas combined. Conducting brainstorming sessions help a team to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

During the brainstorming session with your team, you have to identify your brand wants. Take time to ask and answer the following questions:

  • What type of display are you considering? Permanent, freestanding, shelf display, etc.
  • What products are you merchandising on the display?
  • Do you need a one-sided, two-sided or multi-sided display?
  • What kind of materials do you prefer to use?
  • When do you need your display?

Once you have already answered these key points and finalised the idea, you can proceed to the next stage.

Second Stage: Sketching

When the team agrees with the design of your POS display, you can now start making a sketch. Sketching can be done through paper and pencil. However, sketching is mostly made through computers nowadays.

POS Designers

This process is very crucial as it allows you to see the final result or the final product. Consequently, the sketch should be detailed to visualise how it will work.

POS Designers

Third Stage: 3D Modelling

This process reduces project times and costs. It gives businesses or manufacturers more room to experiment with the designs.

3D Modelling allows you to create high-quality prototypes. It is required to create a 3D model of your display. Designers use 3D modelling technology to create photorealistic renditions of products. Advanced technology and software are used in this process.

POS Designers

Fourth Stage:  Rendering 3D Visual

3D rendering is the process wherein 3D images is converted into 2-dimensional images on the computer. It is where your design comes closely into a real product.

POS Designers

Also, in this final stage of the designing process, you have a clearer vision of every detail of your display, such as the materials to use.

POS Designers

Here’s where you finally see the actual product.

POS Designers

We know that as a business, you cannot do all the processes on your own. And here’s where POS designers come to play. You need the help of experienced designers to turn your ideas into life! Listed below are some of the many reasons it is worth working with them.

3 Reasons Why You Need POS Designers in Your Business

1. Experience

You can guarantee that these POS designers are not a newbie in the industry. They have worked with a variety of brands and businesses before; thus, you can ensure that they have experience in the proper handling of projects. Moreover, since they are familiar with the software and technology used in designing, you can guarantee that they can do it efficiently.

When it comes to product design brainstorming sessions, it is advantageous to work with experienced who have been in the industry for years as they know how the trends evolve and what ideas would work for your brand. Of course, you as a brand should be part of this process.

2. Cost

As with any good company, the service offered by a good POS design agency has to be worth the quotation that is given. As they are professionals and experts in their fields, you can ensure that what you invest in hiring POS designers will give you good results.

3. Less Worry

A talented and creative team of POS designers can make things easier for youR business. You don’t have to worry about checking if they are doing the tasks according to your needs. Experienced designers are committed to bringing and delivering the best and quality designs to their clients, thus you can ensure that without your supervision, they are doing their job at their best.

Check out these POS display ideas designed by our team of creative and dedicated POS designers.

POS Designers
POS Designers

We know every second matters to you, thus you always want to make your design and project on time. Knowing this, we develop a design retainer for you. Learn more about this offer here:

In A Nutshell

Are you decided to make your own display for your promotion? If so, Mindsparkz’s POS designer team is happy to serve you. With years of experience in POS, product, graphic and web designing, you can guarantee that working with us can help you to effectively introduce and promote your business in the market.

Contact us and meet our team today! It would be our pleasure to discuss things with you.

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