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A Day at Product Design Agency: Brainstorm to Find the Perfect Idea!

Mindsparkz is a creative agency with a focus on graphic and product design services. We’re here to help produce creative and innovate designs – and offer product branding and retainer programs as well.

Regardless of the service a client has requested, our designers work extremely hard to ensure the highest quality end-product. One way that we ensure high quality work is through a group brainstorm.


We all know how beneficial brainstorms can be. Open discussion can lead to many unique ideas being generated, as more heads gather to offer input and opinions.

Brainstorming can be incredibly successful, but not everyone knows how the process of brainstorming actually goes. In this blog post, we will discuss how Mindsparkz carries out its brainstorm process for creative and design clients.


How does the Mindsparkz brainstorm process work?

Firstly, a varied team of experts gather for the meeting.

Staff from all areas of Mindsparkz participate in the brainstorming process. This ensures the feasibility of ideas as marketing, design and sales experts can offer their opinions and advice upon whether or not a product would be suitable.


Secondly, head of the particular project loads up the project details

Having the project details ensures that all team members are on the same page. Participants are able to use these details as reference to start formulating ideas.


Finally, we move on to the brainstorm segment

At this stage, participants start sharing their ideas freely. The ability to do this without fear of offering a ‘bad’ idea is central to the brainstorm process. All these ideas are then written down for future reference.

Subsequently after the suggestion of these initial ideas, the team explores the feasibility of these and build upon promising concepts. As such, only the best ideas generated reach clients.

When the ideation is completed, the project leader will compile a list of ideas that are the most appropriate for the particular project. And that’s it – this is what a Mindsparkz brainstorm looks like!


Through our brainstorming process, we have developed numerous successful projects within our portfolio. Examples include the Tag Hauer Goodwood Festival Medals, and the Gweilos Macau branding.

With such a comprehensive brainstorm process, you can thus be sure that only the best ideas will reach you! If you need any unique design ideas, feel free to contact us, and we would be glad to help!


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