Meet our dedicated team of designers

Harley, Ha and Pauline designed by our talented Lam!

Dedicated employees want to make sure they always drive the company forward; they are essential to any successful business. That’s the reason why we wanted to present to you our team of passionate designers working at Mindsparkz. They are all Vietnamese and they all play a different and important role at the company – let’s meet them!

Ha, the multitasker, studied graphic and multimedia design. She took part in the Mindsparkz adventure 2 years ago. She’s one of our talented graphic designers but she’s also a superstar when it comes to office management and administration. She fears no challenge and no pile of paperwork (no matter how big they are!). She uses Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign when it comes to graphics and layout, and Premiere and After Effects for video editing. She feels fulfilled making sure we submit the best designs possible to our retainer clients. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, handcrafting and traveling. She’s dreaming about a peaceful countryside retirement.

Harley pursued industrial design studies and never gets tired of keeping on learning. She’s a very experienced product designer and joined Mindsparkz 2 years ago. She has amazing sketching abilities, masters different Adobe softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator and also creates awesome 3D renders using Rhino 6.0 and Keyshot – it all depends on the project! But one thing we’ll tell you – you can assign almost any task to her and she will do it fast and she will do it well! Her favorite projects here at Mindsparkz are Packaging and POS Displays. Moreover, she likes reading books, painting and DIY projects. She dreams of professional development to achieve better results every day together with her colleagues.

Pauline, studied industrial design and was a valuable addition to the team in 2019. She pays so much attention to detail that for sure she’s the most perfectionist of the team. Being a product designer, she also creates amazing 3D renders with Solidworks and Keyshot. And yes – our product designers don’t use the same software to create their amazing visuals – but whatever program is used, we guarantee the end result will be fantastic. She likes to work on projects such as Bobbleheads and POS displays. Pauline is also very experienced in preparing mockups to simulate the final look of products before being produced by the factory or prepare final 3D files that are later used for molds or 3D printing. She loves starting working on a product from the idea and being involved in the whole process until it becomes real. During her spare time, she enjoys reading books, and doing watercolor. She has a dream of launching her own coffee shop for design students to allow them to unleash creativity.

Lam has been our graphic designer and illustrator since 2019. He studied graphic and visual communication design. Just like our other team members, he works daily with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. But he’s also super super super creative and has incredible illustrating skills. When it comes to drawing or digital illustration, his skills don’t cease to wow us. He likes to work on the requests from our retainers clients but also on internal tasks, such as online marketing and social media, where he can be his most creative self and come up with ideas. Besides drawing, he also loves swimming, skiing  and traveling. He would like to travel the world to explore different eating habits from as many cultures as possible.

Finally, Linh, our graphic design intern. She is the most recent addition to our team and is studying digital media and graphic design – she will graduate this year! She works with Adobe Suite, such as Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. She is eager to learn new sets of skills and put into practice everything she learned at school. Her hobbies include shopping and travelling. She has an entrepreneurial dream of launching her own business in the design industry. And we are very happy to have her with us!

Highly engaged employees make a successful customer experience. As you’ve noticed, Mindsparkz counts priceless employees! Thank you for making such a difference within our company. We wish you many successful years with us and in your future projects! Don’t hesitate to contact us, they will be pleased to work with you on any projects you would like to develop. 

Joana Silva
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