Design Retainer – 5 Reasons They’ll Work for You

Whether you need product or logo design, turning to a freelance designer can be a convenient and efficient choice. It can save you money, time, and frustration. If you are looking for a reliable product designer to tackle an ongoing project for a short period of time, then an overseas design retainer may be what you need. But what is a design retainer and why should you hire one?

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All of your design needs under one roof

A design retainer is a straightforward method to hire a team to work on your projects for a specified period of time. Packages are generally reviewed monthly. As such, retained services ensures consistent quantity and quality of output. Fortunately, our Mindsparkz team is here to help you out. Our team would like to share some of the benefits of hiring a design retainer to your company.

Why Hire an Overseas Design Retainer

  1. Designers on the “factory floor”- Our staff works closely with our factory so as to ensure that the products are consistent with the designs. Staff with in-factory experience is beneficial for the development of creative promo products.
  2. Working While You Sleep- Due to the time difference, you can expect our designers to work on tasks at hand and have them ready when you work the next day. This gives both client and designers enough time for revisions.
  3. Wide Skillset- When you use an overseas design retainer, you will have a team of professional designers with different specializations for one fixed priced. Some companies have illustrators, layout designers, 3D CAD developers, and graphic designers in one team. Each member is assigned to tasks that fit their strengths. This can streamline the design process and save you the frustration of sending the files back and forth.
  4. Your Project is Their Priority- Since design retainers are bound by contract, clients can expect that their project will be prioritized over others. This is important for time-sensitive projects.
  5. Industry Experience- Mindsparkz understands the ins and outs of the promotional product industry. Our team can help with product branding, artwork approval forms, logo vectorization, creative product decks, 3D renders and other design tasks.

Here at Mindsparkz, we work hard to create high-quality designs that are consistent with your branding and promotional needs. With our design retainer program, you can reap all the above-listed benefits.

Arvee Manalo
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