Bottle Opener Display

Boosting Brand Presence: 5 Pro Tips in Customizing Wall Bottle Opener Display

Bottle openers offer a lot of benefits not only to your customers but to your customers as well. These small yet very useful kitchen items now come in various designs and functionalities. Since there are different types of bottle openers in the market today, it can be tricky to find the right one for your business. There are crown cork openers, bar blades, ring bottle openers, and wall mounts. But of all these options, you can never go wrong using a wall-mounted or bottle opener display.

Why Bottle Opener Display?

Since most bottle openers are small, they can be easily misplaced—the same for those in a ring keychain. We have all been in the situation where we have a beer, want to drink the beer, but can’t find a bottle opener. This is the most common scenario if the opener isn’t fixed in one place.

Good thing a bottle opener display or wall-mounted opener is developed. There’s no way for users to lose it. Unlike its portable counterpart, the wall-mounted opener is easy to locate on a wall or in the fridge door.

Another good thing about this practical bottle design is that it can easily mix with your pub or restaurant’s theme.

Does your bar pay tribute to your favourite sports team? Slap a logo on your wall-mounted accessory, and it becomes part of the aesthetic. Or you may opt to create a design similar to a soccer net. This will make your customers enjoy pulling off their bottle caps as if they’re aiming to goal in the net.

Creating such a fun and enjoyable environment inside your place may call more customers inside.

Bottle Opener Display
Bottle Opener Display

5 Pro Tips in Customising Your Own Bottle Opener Display

When looking for the perfect bottle opener to customise for your needs, there are several tips you should keep in mind! Remember, this item will play a crucial role in your business.

More than just an opener or a display, it has to serve its purpose in promoting your business. Keep these suggestions in mind to ensure your design will look clean and professional.

Tip # 1. Choose the material wisely. The bottle opener base can be made from metal, stainless or wood. Select the one that would be convenient for you and your customers. Moreover, choose the one that would mix well with your place. You can also select the design of the cap catcher. It can be a plain one, or you could be more creative.

Tip # 2. Always consider the size. Where do you plan to affix your bottle opener display? Are you going to pin it to a wall or attach it to the fridge? Taking this thing into consideration will help you customise your own cap opener.

Tip # 3. Keep the font and design simple and easy to read. Adding too many graphics can bring soreness to the eye. Remember that you only have limited space to use for branding, follow the “Less is More” concept.

Tip # 4. Keep in mind the small imprint area, so printing only a few characters with a small image or illustration is best. Include the most important elements, such as your brand logo or name and your tagline only.

Tip # 5. Be aware of the number of colours you plan to add to your design and the limitations of the imprint method. If your design has lots of colours, think about how you can narrow it down. Likewise, ask your chosen manufacturer which printing method would last and suit your needs.

Top 5 Advantages of Using Bottle Opener Display

  • Attracts customers instantly
  • Helps enhance the brand value
  • Helps in increasing sales
  • Sustainable
  • Good for display and gifting

Final Thoughts

Any business or event can benefit from a bottle opener display. Still, those who are running a bar, drinks and resto businesses are the ones who will significantly benefit from it. Between the variety in imprint methods and the different styles, you can find one that perfectly matches your needs. Get creative and wow your guests and customers!

Feel free to connect with our experienced designers to discuss the bottle opener designs you want for your business. Check out our website to learn more about the services our team can offer.

Let’s have a chat and see how Mindsparkz can help turn your vision into a reality. You may also visit our sister company, ODM Group, for more affordable and creative promotional products.

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