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What do we do at Mindsparkz? What design solutions do we offer? What is so special about our service? If these questions ever crossed your mind, this post will be perfect to satisfy your curiosity.

Mindsparkz is a design agency based in Vietnam. The country is currently in its economical boom so we’re surrounded by awesome ideas, start ups, business potential and loads of creativity.

We strive to provide an outstanding and unique service to our customers and come up with excellent marketing, product and graphic solutions.

Our authentic, creative and passionate staff works  every day to bring out the best for our clients. Our focus is to help you add that extra sparkle to your business! Be it in Vietnam or in any other part of the world!

Our services and values at Mindsparkz

Our services

You can count on us for reliable creative services. Our team consists of both product and graphic designers who work with different softwares, have different sets of skills and are ALWAYS discussing and changing ideas between themselves. This allows us to create unique graphic solutions and custom products exclusively for your company and (for sure) give you a competitive edge. And more than beautiful and functional designs, we will provide them at a budget-friendly cost. 

Our experience in the merchandising field and close work with factories for production has given us a vast knowledge on handling projects from A to Z – from idea, to reality. And our experience working with clients from all over the world and with such different areas of expertise on their businesses made us flexible enough to handle many design requests. All you have to do is use our service and let us handle everything.

Detailed services

Our special design retainer program

Maybe sometimes you already felt the need to hire a designer to help you with your business. But maybe you don’t need a designer all the time? And better than that – have you ever wished to have a whole team of design experts at your convenience, whenever you need in whatever project?

Mindsparkz fulfill your wishes with the design retainer program!

But what is it? Well, a design retainer program works when a client engages a design team to work for them for a specified number of hours. The duration of a retainer varies, depending on the client’s needs. The same goes for the monthly hours, which is dependent also on the client’s needs. So you buy hours of design service and you decide when to spend them. Simple!

Design retainer program

By engaging the services of a designer on retainer, you will enjoy priority on your projects. The designers in charge will be fully committed and dedicated to ensuring a high-quality output for your project. Furthermore, whenever you have a project that requires work, rest assured that work will begin on it immediately. You will get your work prioritized, you will get to dictate deadlines and use the available time for all the revisions you might need

And we can’t mention this enough – the budget friendly solutions. The incredible added value of our service is the cost optimization – for a reasonable price, you will get a multidisciplinary team and the more hours you commit, the lower the hourly rate will be! This is a great deal if you compare the costs involved with hiring a freelance designer. Not only will this save you money, it will also save you a lot of time. Definitely a win-win situation!

When you work with a particular designer regularly, you can expect a consistent style of work. Outcome will be more and more consistent and fast-delivered as the team will become expert of your business and expectations. This will help your brand to stay recognizable.

And that’s not all. We work with an online project management platform called Podio – and there you can discuss your requests directly with the team and closely monitor the design process.

All those advantages mixed in one incredible service!

Detailed design retainer program

Interested? Let’s contact us!

Charlotte Ginesi
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