What is the Best Choice for Your Brand: Custom Products vs. Existing

When it comes to product procurement, the options may seem endless. Regardless of what you need, promotional or retail, we start by deciding on one of two directions: custom products or items already existing.

Existing products refer to products that are not made to order. These products are made using existing tools and processes. Minimal design is needed, often only adding a logo. Such products are usually produced quicker, as factories have made them before.

Custom made products refer to products that are built to your own custom specifications. This can include products that are made to fit specific dimensions, use unique materials,  etc. The process of getting custom-made products is more complex, but the payoff is worth the effort.

In this blog, we will explore the differences between both products. This will help you to see which of the two suits your needs better.

So, what are the main difference between custom products and off the shelf products?

  • Cost: One main difference between custom-made products and off the shelf products would be the cost. Custom made products involve design, development, prototyping, and testing. This is more costly than a similar existing products, which have already previously gone through the above stages.
  • Quantity: Another difference would be in product quantity. When it comes to custom-made products, there will usually have to be a higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), in order to open new tools for the product. This is not always the case, however, and is usually dependent on the material used. For example, a polyresin figurine can be custom designed and ordered at low quantities.
  • Time: Another key difference between custom and existing products would be time. It is easier and faster to obtain existing products. Custom-made products meanwhile follow a longer process. This is because it will take longer to design the custom products.

How do you decide whether to use custom or existing products in your next project or campaign?

When deciding whether to use custom products or off pre-existing, it is important to take note of the goal of your campaign. Off the shelf products are fine for everyday products. However, if you want to separate yourself from your competitors, then custom products will be able to give you the edge.

At Mindsparkz, we believe in producing the highest quality output for our clients. We believe in having a hands-on approach from start to finish and coming up with the most creative solutions. This is done through extensive research and brainstorming. Our designers work extremely hard to ensure original concepts match perfectly with your company’s brand!

So, does your company need a fresh new look? Perhaps a custom product would help you improve sales? If so, feel free to contact us today! We specialize in various design aspects, including graphic design servicesproduct design servicesweb design services, and a designer retainer program! Feel free to look through our portfolio, which includes recent product designs for some of our clients!

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