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Creative Travel Kit Design: Top 5 Merch Ideas

A number of travel restrictions have been implemented since the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020. After two years, travelling becomes easier. Most countries have already opened their ports for local and international tourists. With that said, travel essentials are now becoming more in demand. Thus, the need for unique and innovative travel kit design ideas is also on the rise.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’re most likely aware of it. Similarly, if you’re running a business aligned in this industry, you surely know how good things are going. But along with this recovery is the rising competition. If you want to stand out and bounce back from your loss during the pandemic, you may reconsider your products’ designs. Take our travel kit design ideas as examples.

5 Must-Have Items to Build Your Travel Kit

1. Coffee Cup Courier — Travelling can be a drag when you have a lot of things to carry. Having kids makes a trip even more challenging. There comes a time when you need to drink, yet your hands are occupied with your luggage.

Good thing this coffee cup courier design has been developed. This concept allows travellers to carry their drinks hands-free. But not just a cup holder; this also works as a smartphone holder.

Travel Kit Design

2. Waterproof Luggage Cover — Travelling through the pouring monsoon season makes you worry about your luggage getting stains, wet or scratched. Thus, luggage covers are highly popular among travellers.

Having said that, this waterproof cover is designed to secure travellers’ baggage during rainy days. This design can be folded; thus, users can slip it into their bag when they’re not using it.

Travel Kit Design

3. Multiple Bag Stacking Straps — When travelling solo with multiple bags to carry, luggage straps come in handy. It allows people to enjoy their trip knowing that their things are secured.

Whether softside or hardside suitcases, there’s always a possibility of a zipper or clasp breaking, especially when the bag is overpacked. Our bag stacking straps are conceptualised to avoid this kind of scenario. These straps can keep the bag closed and the contents intact.

Travel Kit Design

4. Passport Holder/Travel Wallet — Passport holders prevent important travel documents from folding, tearing, drabbling and wearing out. Moreover, it allows people to access documents and keep things organised easily.

Thus, our passport holder is designed with multiple slots/sleeves to secure passports and other paraphernalia needed during travel.

Travel Kit Design

5. Travel Diary — Journals help travellers write and document their experiences during their trips. This can be a collection of important memories gathered in places they’ve been.

Our travel diary design is customised with picture and sticker areas. But the most important part of this diary is the blank spaces for travellers’ thoughts and ideas. It is secure with a garterized lanyard for security.

Travel Kit Design

How Can You Benefit from These Travel Kit Ideas?

Of course, people can gain a lot of benefits from using these travel kit design ideas? But how about you? What are the things you will get from these concepts? Listed below are the advantages of using these ideas for your business!

  • Brand Exposure — Having your logo or company name in each of these travel essentials will help you promote your business to a large crowd. Can you imagine tourists from other countries seeing your brand name? Sound exciting! You cannot just flaunt your logo, but you can also get people familiar with your brand.
  • Gain Loyal Customers — By offering such items, you’re helping your customers solve their travel dilemmas. More than just making a business with them, showing that you really care about your consumer is the best way to gain their loyalty.
  • Create Trend — Nowadays, people choose things that will make their lives easier. Thus, offering ideas that will instantly meet their needs can win their interest. As people love to travel, there is no doubt that these travel ideas will go a long way. Unlike fad ideas, they will continue to create noise in the market as long as people find these items useful for them.

Bottom Line…

Offering travel essentials will not just help your consumers experience hassle-free travels but also benefit your brand. However, with a lot of travel kit design ideas available in the market today, it would be hard for you to shine among them! Thus, Mindsparkz is here to help you choose and create your own travel kit design!

What Can Mindsparkz Offer?

Mindsparkz is a creative and energetic group of graphic, web, and product designers. We help businesses in brainstorming and creating designs for their brands.

Mindsparkz is a company that values originality and quality and we always work hard to deliver top-notch creative services. Because we want your brand to stand out, our team together with our sister company, ODM, can help you create your own version of these travel essential ideas.

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