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Promotional Product Design: Function Meets Creativity

In today’s world, the customer is king. When companies design their products, they usually try to find a way to stand out from the competition. Promotional product design is a way that companies stand out from the crowd. In order to attract customers, companies try to make their products attractive.

However, there comes a point where you might think: Focus on design, and risk reducing the function of your product, or focus on making your product practical?


In promotional product design, function or creativity?

Function and creativity. Two incredibly important aspects of a product. On one hand, it is extremely important for a product to be practical. If your product is not practical, it will not sell. This is because the customer will not see a point in purchasing it, as he or she will not be able to find a good use for it. On the other hand, creativity is important as well. Developing a creative and visually appealing product is useful, as it helps attract customers. This helps to drive sales of the product, which is what any company wants.

So, should you focus on functionality, or creativity? The answer is both! For any good designer, there is no conflict between how a product looks, and how it functions. Actually, designers use the function of a design as a starting point, and not the other way around!

Just look at some of the most famous brands in the world. Their products are usually functional, yet creative. Let’s use Apple as an example. They recently released their new series of iPhones, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. These devices look beautiful, and are functional as well.

This example proves that creative design and functionality can co-exist. There is no need to prioritize one aspect over the other.


Here at Mindsparkz, we believe that in promotional product design, function and creativity should go hand-in-hand, and we show this through the projects that we do for our clients.

One example would be the TAG Heuer medals that we helped design for the Goodwood Festival, which features a creative and beautiful design, but also has a practical use!

TAG Heuer Goodwood Festival Medals


Another example of a promotional product that blends in both creativity and function would be a custom branded snow globe, that can be used effectively as a promotional tool! With an intricate design and function, it will certainly be sure to attract customers!

Custom Branded Snow Globes for Festive Christmas Promotions!


With that said, contact us today for premium product design services to create promotional product design tailored to your needs! In addition, we also specialize in product branding services that can greatly enhance your brand image through your promotional product.

Feel free to look through our portfolio, which includes designs for our clients!

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