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Retail Display Designers: 5 Tips to Make Modular POS for Marketing

Retail display designers, or visual merchandisers, as other people called, are in charge of putting together the visual presentation and arrangements for items on sale. Businesses hire them to promote specific products, fashion lines, new technologies, or special promotions. Their number one goal is to attract customers by setting up creative and appealing displays in retail.

Modular POS is a great solution for retail spaces of all sizes, as it can be easily adapted to fit in any space. One design can be used for different retail spaces, which saves on time and resources. Here’s an exquisite example of a modular retail display designed by our experienced designers.

This display idea is specifically designed for companies in the cosmetics industry.

This cosmetic display unit has compartments, allowing any brand to showcase products. There’s also a sliding receptacle at the bottom of the display stand, which can serve as storage for stocks. Meticulously planned and curated, we are proud to say that our designers really did a great job in this one.

Furthermore, this retail display idea is engineered to advertise cosmetic brands effectively. The top area is ideal for customising brand names. In addition, it is made from sustainable material, which is wood; thus, it is guaranteed safe for the environment and easy to manufacture when needed.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that modular displays are becoming increasingly popular with designers and retailers alike. And the role of retail display designers is very crucial as they are the ones who plan and create the designs. Indeed, they are paramount to the success of any advertising campaign.

Top 5 Tips To Make Modular POS

  1. Determine the purpose of the display.

Is this for temporary use at an event? Will it be used on multiple occasions? Are there any restrictions regarding the size of display allowed? Knowing the answers to these questions will determine how your team designs the overall structure of your display. The more complex the display needs to be, the more planning will be needed from your design team.

  1. Know your dimensions.

Modular displays need to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, so they have no flexibility when it comes to their measurements. Measure everything as precisely as possible, down to the millimetre or fraction thereof.

Keep your needs in mind when designing. Retailers with small stores might prefer low-profile modular displays made of acrylic or wood; high-traffic retailers might prefer something sturdier, like metal or stone.

Consider whether you need lighting or electricity access as well — if so, how will you fit those features into your displays? Keep branding guidelines in mind.

  1. Choose the right materials.

What type of materials will suit your products and what will delight customers? You may need to experiment a little before you find the right combination of materials for your modular point-of-sale displays.

  1. Think of it as a system.

Modular POS consists of individual elements that can be combined in many different ways.

You can place those elements together in an infinite number of variations depending on the size and shape of your retail space, the products you want to promote, and what message you want to convey.

If you plan to use modular POS for marketing in retail design, think of it as a single system rather than individual units.

  1. Use consistency.

When designing modular POS for marketing in retail design, keep up visual consistency between the individual units by using similar or identical materials and colours.

This will help tie your display together and make it easier for people to recognise your brand.

Roles of Retail Display Designers

Display designers use their design skills to promote the image, products and services of businesses and other organisations. They focused more on designing displays, stands, and panels used at tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, and events. Moreover, they produce POS displays, which are stock containers that are usually mass-produced and installed in hundreds of retail outlets.

Retail display designers’ works involve:

1. Planning and making presentations to win potential clients.

2. Connect and discuss with the clients the brief and identify the important messages that need to be conveyed.

3. In charge of understanding the client’s details such as branding, products, and target market.

4. Research costs and work within the client’s budget.

5. Create the design needed and revise based on the client’s feedback.

6. Monitor the production of the chosen design and ensure the quality of the finished products.

Qualities of Highly Effective Designers

Visual retail design is a very important profession within the retail industry. Retail display designers possess unique characteristics that are needed in every retail marketing. But what are the skills of good display designers?

  • Designers should be creative thinkers. Their imagination should always be their limit.
  • They should know how to appeal to the audience.
  • Retail display designers must always be updated with the trends.
  • They know the importance of communication. They know when to talk, ask for help, and explain their masterpiece.
  • Designers are efficient. They know to prioritise work and get it right.
  • They are meticulous and don’t let a single mistake pass.
  • Designers are open to criticism. They know how to accept feedback and use it to improve their work.

Benefits of Hiring Display Designers

Helps your branding.

How you present your brand and your products to your target audience creates a lasting impression. The visual representation of your brand is going to be the first thing most customers see. Thus, you have to be keen on how you want them to see your brand.

Display designers can ensure that every aspect of your branding— from where to put your logo on display to where to install it in the retail, designers can help you decide what’s good for your business.

Save your time.

Of course, you cannot create your design that sells unless you’re also a designer running a business simultaneously. Though there are easy access tools, working on your own display idea consumes a lot of time. Thus, hiring professional designers is an option to consider.

Display designers are very familiar with many software and technology, so choosing the best one that fits your idea is easy for them. As they are experienced in the field, they know what design would sell and how long will it take to finish a certain project.

Saves you money.

Imagine working with inexperienced designers. It cannot guarantee that they can do the job at the speed and pace you expected. Moreover, they are more likely to finish the work longer than expected — missing the deadline, yet you still have to pay them. That is one of the risks of hiring someone new in the field.

You can prevent this to happen when you hire professional designers. They can help you save in two ways: First, they’ll prevent you from wasting money and resources on design assets that don’t work for your brand. Second, good designers will create assets that generate a higher return on investment based on the time they put into them.

Offers new ideas.

We know it’s hard to come up with new display design ideas, especially when you’re not into designing. But it’s an easy-peasy thing for designers. That’s why they are the go-to people when marketing in the retail setting.

Great retail display designers constantly look for ideas they can use for designs. They know how to come up with concepts that are not just good for brands but also beneficial for the customers. They collaborate and conduct product design brainstorming sessions to collect details and approach for the success of a project.

Our Designers

Here at Mindsparkz, we are proud to say that our team of designers are passionate and has in-depth knowledge of their craft. They’ve been also working with our sister company, ODM Group for years now. They already worked with big local and international brands to create the design they need for their promotions.

Why Work With Us?

Here at Mindsparkz, we always make sure that we meet our client’s needs. We give back their trust given to us by giving our best in every project they ask from us. Moreover, we ensure that we give the best value for their money.

We also have what we call a design retainer program for our clients. The program gives clients the ability to dictate deadlines and have their work prioritized. Moreover, it simplifies our client’s accounting and saves costs while getting consistent results.

Feel free to connect to our team and learn about the services and the design retainer program we offer.

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