Why Smart Packaging is the Latest Trend in Business Industry?

Good product packaging can mean instant promotion for your brand and product. When customers walk into a store for a purchase, their first point of visual and physical interaction with your brand is product packaging. It is what customers first see, feel, and handle, even before they can get to the actual product. A well-thought out packaging design enhances people’s perception of your product’s value and impacts their subconscious in ways that can truly influence their initial and repeat purchase decisions. Product packaging is an extension of the product and in turn, your brand, which is why more businesses are putting in more thought into how they design promotional products and product packaging.


Distinctive product packaging design, promotional products, and similar brand-building strategies help attract a bigger and more loyal customer base, while adding value to your product. Regardless of the type of product you offer, smart packaging can positively impact your bottom line as it promotes positive retail experiences for target consumers. Here are reasons why you should consider smart product packaging design as a brand building strategy:


  • Smart packaging differentiates brands and make your product more distinct and recognizable. As a brand owner, you should know the value of creating a distinct shopping experience for customers. Smart packaging design, promotional products, and other promotional tactics have the most impact on consumer’s perceptions, influencing their purchase decisions right at the point of purchase. Product packaging enhances brand communication as it allows your product to stand out on the shelf.

  • Smart packaging ensures product safety. Millions in revenue are lost due to product damage and insufficient/unsafe packaging. With the right packaging design, promotional products don’t only allow better brand recognition and greater attention from target customers, they are also kept secure and protected from impact and damage, despite constant handling between warehouses and on store shelves.
Jean Hernandez
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