How to Choose the Right POS Design

Everyone takes notice of fantastic POS design. Its greatness does not so much rely on the materials used to form the display, but in the design and overall layout of the display. The best displays draw you in to further explore the product, often by incorporating several of your senses at once.

POS design

How to Choose the Right POS Design

It’s no secret now that no two point-of-sale promotions are exactly alike. The manufacturers can easily change the shape and size of the structure according to the clients’ needs.

A couple of factors that influence a POS design include the advertising location and budget. The former says how much of the latter should the brand give out to the project. These points cannot always be independent because of that, to be honest.

POS design

How to Choose the Right POS Design

Furthermore, of all the available materials, cardboard is very popular for marketing. It is easy to cut and fold, for starters. Printing anything on it is an effortless job as well. The bonus is that it does not cost much. You may even have it in a matte or glossy finish.

The alternatives to this material are medium-density fibreboard (MDF), metal, and acrylic. Material choice is often a factor of the budget first and aesthetics second. The Mindsparkz design team often takes a client’s total budget into account to limit material choices and then reviews the brief to achieve the necessary results within the confines of that material.

What makes a POS design right?

  • It connects with the brand. The POS display serves as your non-verbal spokesperson. You need it to get your message across to the people. Thus, the customers should be able to interpret themselves why the frame appears that way.
  • It can be repurposed. What ‘repurposing’ entails is using the same structure for different promotional ideas. Many business folks would love to know this fact, since they surely have old displays in stock.
  • It increases profits. A point of sale that has eye-catching attributes brings massive sales to the company. When it looks so unique, you may not have to manufacture promo gifts to attract consumers.

In Conclusion

Your advertising strategy should always have a room for choosing the right POS design. Should it be a few feet or several inches tall? Which material will match your campaign seamlessly?

Find the answers to such questions and more within your group before the manufacturing begins. Good luck!

Jean Hernandez
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