pantone colour system

Why You Should Update Your Pantone Book

A key component of manufacturing for a client is the capability to produce various products and logos in the colors that a client wants and expects. If you fail to do so, it can cost you so much – literally speaking. The best method to ensure that you and your clients are on the same page is by incorporating the modern Pantone color system.

What’s the issue with the past technique?

The vintage method of colour coordinating makes use of codes that you should input into the computer to see. Nothing seems wrong with it, except for the fact that people may have diverse pigment models. In some cases, you utilise Pantone codes yet the other has CMYK, the hues truly won’t match 100%.

Another obvious drawback with it is that the manufacturers can view it on different screens. Though the shade may look perfect on your monitor, it may be too dark or light in a separate terminal. For this reason, a picture swatch is not a reliable reference.

pantone colour system

A wheel of Pantone colour

Which problems does an updated Pantone color system solve?

1) Time Efficiency

CMYK or not, typing a four-colour code can consume more seconds that you should allow to the manufacturing process. This approximation does not include the time it takes to cross-match the swatches without direct contact with the other team.

This simple task won’t become half as difficult if you already have the brand-new pigment system in place. As you’ve noticed in the image above, you can spread the colours or put them side by side effectively. Choosing or matching shades will then be effortless.

Pantone Colour System

Some versions of the Pantone books have perferted tabs that can be pulled out for sharing

2) Manufacturing Clarity

The business environment becomes peaceful and conducive to progress when everyone’s clear about the tints to apply on the merchandise. The differing teams have the same swatches on hand, so an argument regarding a faulty colour combination won’t ensure.

Pantone Colour System

An old faded Pantone book versus a fresh copy

The Pantone System itself needs upgrades now and again: Book Durability

Accept the truth that a swatch on paper cannot last forever. The hues will fade; the sheets will turn yellow in a matter of years. There will come a time when you need to discard your outdated guide and obtain the newer Pantone PLUS Series.

This 2010 standardised colour system is important because the company upgrades the model every two years. In addition to that, they add a couple of new shades in the list. Thus, it ensures that you’re both aware of the latest pigments and not looking at any fading swatches.

Ready to upgrade your Pantone colour system?

Don’t wait for decades to replace your swatch matching guide. The update interval should only be between 12 and 18 months. This way, you can continue astonishing your clients and the entire industry.

Good luck!

Jean Hernandez
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