Attract More Customers with Custom Product Packaging in China

Eye appeal is Buy Appeal – every marketer and product designer knows and lives by this principle. The smart customer who buys every product on the basis of cool logic and rational thinking is a rare find. A majority of your target audience makes its purchase decisions based on instinct and emotion. And it is the job of product packaging to hit all the right spots and incite all the right emotions in a customer to sway them towards choosing your product over another. There are so many ways in which custom product packaging in China can help you attract more customers and communicate the value proposition that you have to offer. Let’s check some of them out:


  • Product packaging is generally viewed as an indicator of product quality. Before actually getting to experience the top notch merchandise that you are selling, your buyer will have to first go through your packaging. And it’s pretty hard to convince someone of your quality proposition if the box it comes in is derelict and shoddy.


  • Just covering the shelves at a retail store and shouting louder than everyone else will not do anything to win over customers. Custom product packaging in China can help your product stand out of the crowd without going overboard with all the attention grabbing tactics.


  • Product packaging is also a way to establish continuity with your brand identity. Your audience knows you from your logo, font, color, styling and other visual representations of your business. When the same becomes a part of your package design, it reiterates the connection and makes an impact on your audience’s mind in a way that they start recognizing your product in a crowded sea of counterparts.


  • Successful marketing relies on such communicative tactics that genuinely incite sentimental reactions from customers and get them to establish feelings of loyalty and trust towards your brand. Custom product packaging is a way to make your customers feel all these emotions and make a lasting bond with your brand that will become cemented with a positive experience from using your product.


  • Custom product packaging also helps in conveying useful details and information about your product – ingredients, usage tips, expiration dates (if any) and other factors that a consumer must know to get the most out of your product. This level of transparency is a major trust builder.


  • And for the customers who depend on rational comparisons for making purchase decisions, custom product packaging will help you convey all your USPs, features and values at just the opportune moment – when a buyer is about to decide what product to choose.


Product packaging gets about three seconds to grab the attention of an audience and convert them into paying customers. But the value of these three seconds becomes iconic when you consider that 70% purchase decisions are made by customers while they are at the shelf, examining different product options. So make the most of your three seconds and get your product to truly stand out as a cut above the rest.

Jean Hernandez
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