Zhuhai Pool Party

Mindsparkz is always looking to help out with community events around our city. Recently we’ve been asked to gert involved in organizing a public pool party. In years past I remember going to several of these each summer. They were a great chance to meet new people with similar interests (sun, swim, and beer) – which is important when living the expat life in China.

The frequency of these get-togethers had declined in recent years, and last summer there were none. Needless to say that when we were approached to help organize this one, we jumped on the opportunity. In an effort to really bring back the excitement we’ve approached a great local DJ and a new beverage distributer for sponsorship. Now we have tunes and cold drinks to go around!


Map design for easy travel to local pool. On next one we’ll also add pinyin Chinese so foreigners can say “Take me to….” when in a cab.

Take a look at the promo flyer and map we’ve made up to help garner interest and give direction. What do you think?

Luke Niederhofer
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