Unique POS Display

On the other blogs before we mentioned, that we had a brainstorming for the upcoming Chinese new year, which will be in the honor of the Rooster. The brainstorm presentation contains a lot of different products, which we would like to present you in a few coming blogs. This new design of a custom and unique POS display is perfect to promote your brand through a marketing campaign and to spread the word around it.


To have such a unique POS display is perfect to promote your brand and products with, as this will attract many current and potential customers to prefer your brand and products. A POS display is always a great idea to generate a higher sale, as your customers do not need to search for a long time for the products of your brand.

Custom and Unique POS Display

The design for this POS display is perfect for such a new year topic and to gain attention by a broad range of people. The opened egg is just a really unique way to catch the eye of your costumers. POS displays like this will usually be placed in the main lane of every supermarket, which is a great way of reaching as many people in the supermarket as possible.


Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products or POS Solutions, why not send us an email at info@mindsparkz.com or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations.

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