Vietnam national holidays 2020 : The Reunification Day and Labor Day

Reunification Day and Labor Day

There are 2 Vietnam national holidays : the Reunification Day that will take place the 30th of April 2020 and then the Labor Day that will take place the 1st of May.

Mindsparkz office in Ho Chi Minh will close for this important cultural occasion as well as all the factories and businesses in Vietnam. The office will be closed on 30th April, 2020 (Thursday) and will resume operations on 4th May, 2020 (Monday).

But what is the Reunification Day ?

This National Holiday marks the fall of the Saigon Government on 30th April 1975. This event signed the end of the Vietnam war and thanks to it, the process of unification of the Democratic Republic began.

This holiday is very popular in the country. Moreover, as it’s the day before the Labour Day, people who are working in big cities take the time to return to the country side and enjoy this extended break with family. Tourists take also this occasion to visit touristic sites.

All businesses in Vietnam are closed during those 2 days but most shops remain open.

How is it celebrated?

Big parades take place in big cities, flags will be flown everywhere in the country.

Usually, families come together with their elders to share a meal and love.

But unfortunately, due to this recent Covid-19 outbreak, gatherings will be prohibited during this special day.

Charlotte Ginesi
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