Promotional Display Ideas to increase brand awareness

Point of purchase displays or promotional displays are the eye-catching promotional and/or sales displays we see at cash registers or checkout lines at stores. It’s a way to promote a product while getting into a potential customer’s head. The promotional display comes in various designs and ways to create them. The importance of them is also to increase brand or product knowledge, visibility as well as other information or marketing campaigns.

How do companies and businesses create a good promotional display that could actually help them eventually increase sales? Here are some ideas that you might take and use for yourself!

Magnetic POS display

We often get attracted to things that are unique or never seen before. Such as this levitating promotional display that showcases the product of a speaker above. This unique essence of putting your product while it is levitating for customers to see are not done by many is easily attractive by many. This high rate of attraction would lead to customers’ sense of curiosity in finding out what the product is and could lead to a higher probability of the customer  purchasing the product.

Rotating POS Display

Now a little similar to the Magnetic Display, Rotating POS displays should capture the eye and attention of customers, and Cadbury nailed it. Through this POS marketing idea, Cadbury was able to build its brand. Cadbury’s chocolate point-of-sale display strongly presented the company’s personality. Yes, a custom store display enables you to tell your brand’s character. Cadbury’s retail POS display tells its customers that its brand is sweet, thoughtful, and delightful. The display was able to connect and stimulate customers’ emotions while inside the store.

Ceiling Grabbers

The ceiling may be the most underutilized space in a retail store. We have check-out dividers, on-shelf, and counter displays. However, we seldom see ceilings being utilized for promotions save for hanging displays. This is why we feel ceiling grabbers would be a fantastic addition to your in-store marketing.

As a customer enters a store, a variety of retail store displays welcome them. From promotional floor displays to hanging store signages, these silent marketers share a common goal— to draw the attention of shoppers and influence their purchasing decisions. However, with the numerous promotional display ideas that are available in the market, you may feel it is hard to stand out from your competition.


Undeniably, every business is competitive. Your brand needs to be distinguishable to be able to stand out from the pack. Having unique promotional products alone is not enough; you also have to develop a clever presentation that will definitely grab your shoppers’ attention. Choosing the perfect custom point of sale display for your promotional needs can give you the competitive edge you need. In Mindsparkz, we will help you design and create an effective marketing POS display that will suit your brand. We make sure to uphold our mission of providing clients with high-quality and effective promotional products.

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