Why more is better when drafting designs : Pillows

Drafting is an important process to designing promotional products. Drafting can also be otherwise known in the design thinking process as Ideation. After gathering all the information needed from clients, we draft as much ideas necessary to solve their problems.

Why should we do multiple drafts?

This is because clients can sometimes be very general in their requests. Drafting multiple designs helps us simulate different outcomes of the product. When all the designs are compiled, it would be much easier for the client to narrow down their options to a single design.

Is it a must?

Drafting is not always necessary. Sometimes clients are certain with what their product should look like, and would rather have us replicate a hand drawn sketch into a 3-D Design. In this case, it would be easier. However, clients might gain more when there is more perspective and thought put into designing the product. It is best to draft as much ideas if time and resources are available.

Example : Mindsparkz Pillow

To illustrate this, these are 4 different designs of pillow casings we did for our brand. As you can see, we use the same template for all designs. The position, shape, and background of the pillow remains the same. While doing multiple drafts would ideally be different, it should also have a basis for similarity.

In this case, we wanted our pillow to have a summer theme. It is a broad subject, therefore drafts are necessary.

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