Infini – interactive drawing machine

Who didn’t dream about being able to draw beautiful pictures at least once upon a lifetime?
Drawing is the first form of expression and communication that human has acquired. Even nowadays it still remains a strong form of communication as well as develops motorics – which is especially good for children. It also activates right hemisphere of our brain, that in one’s turn stimulates abstract thinking. Apart from these benefits, drawing clearly benefits our mental health. It helps to distract us from difficult problems or stress situations which obviously surrounds people in big cities.
Drawing is something that every child can do, unlike grown-ups who prefer not to do it at all if they don’t have a special skills.
So here is a good new thing for those who still wants to create something beautiful – even for people without a special education.
Infini – an Interactive Drawing Machine with hand-operated direction and speed designed by Eli Li, Song Lee and Uijun Park as a diploma project LINK TO BEHANCE . Infini provides users with a whole new experience of creating drawing patterns with its unique control experience.
This interactive drawing machine draws certain pattern automatically when there is no person in front of it. When someone starts using it, it senses the user and stops drawing.
From then on, the person can draw their own illustrations using Infini’s  joysticks. There are two joysticks which control two wheels when drawing, each joystick works the same way in a 2D plane.
Moving the joystick horizontally changes the wheel’s direction, same time mobbing the joystick vertically changes the speed of the wheel.
This project gives its users an opportunity to explore art world with this elegant wooden drawing machine capable of infinite variations.
With Infini you don’t even need any special skills to create a wonderful piece of art.
Here at Mindsparkz we appreciate products like Infini and we are always glad to bring our clients’ ideas back to life.
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Dmitry Balash
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