Many of us are now tied with our mobile devices everywhere we go. In Singapore, we are so tied that we are required to scan QR codes with our phones in order to enter any malls, office, school, or any other space in general. When we are now utilizing QR codes so much now, can it be used to improve other purposes in other sectors of industries?

What is QR Code?

QR means “Quick Response”. They are capable of storing lots of data no matter how much data is in there. When a QR code is scanned, it allows the user to access the stored information instantly.

What is Custom QR Code?

A custom QR code is a uniquely made QR code that fits the appearance of your brand. With customization, you are able to implement various aspects of design into your QR code from colors, shapes, and backgrounds.

Uses and Benefits

Now that we know that QR code enables users to access stored data instantly, can it really bring value to businesses? 

The answer is definitely! Now that we are in an era of digital, we are forced to look at the screen of our computers or mobile devices to do activities. Not just that, many POS systems now also include large screens that would attract you to use your phone and check out what the information is about! This means that with more traffic on the screen, users are required to access different types of information or data all the time quickly and efficiently. 

This is where a QR code can be used. Businesses want to have more engagement with their customer base as well as the market in general. However, in many marketing campaigns, there is much information like terms and conditions, application pages, and many more that would not fit into the poster. QR code helps to fit in this.

Furthermore, QR codes can be used effectively in other environments such as manufacturing as well. Where a traditional way of checking inventories or products can be done through checking of data through its specific unit number, QR code can help instantly bring the product’s data to the user. Increasing effective workflow as well as efficiency in order to save more time and lessen the workers’ burden.

Lastly, QR code helps effectively bring traffic to any data that you want to bring the users to. For example,  QR codes can be used on drink packaging to attract consumers to their social media platforms. This enables more potential customers to check out promotions, marketing campaigns, and the company’s values to bring out a more holistic experience when consuming the brand’s specific product. This method can definitely be done by you!    


Now, QR codes might seem to be not so aesthetically pleasing. But do we actually have the chance to be able to design them but not eliminate their functionality? The answer is Yes.

QR code can be pretty too. If done right, it could also be put into various products such as Pillow Cases to food and drinks packaging. A good example is how Mindsparkz could turn various merchandise or products into a platform where QR codes can be placed beautifully. You could contact Mindsparkz directly for any design services that would be needed!

Rey Chong
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