On-pack promotions

How to design On-pack Promotions

What are on-pack promotions?

On pack promotion is a sales promotion technique that is incorporated into the packaging of a product. This is commonly used for products that are in retail, and not as useful for the service sector. This technique is very popular with fast moving consumer goods, such as cereal boxes and toothpaste.

Why should I use on-pack promotions?

On-pack promotion is one of the most convenient way to promote your brand, as it is easily identified by customers when the promotion is incorporated onto the packaging. This is also a great strategy for marketing managers who want their brand their stand out from competitors in the retail environment.

How do I design an on-pack promotion?

On pack promotions can come in various forms. The main criteria is that it has to be part of the packaging. We’ve seen other brands do pretty well with discounts and premiums promoted on the packaging. However, we learn that these are not as popular as gifts-with-purchases. Gifts-with-purchases are much more enticing to customers as it gives them a perceived higher value of the product. We have simplified the process into 3 steps.

Step 1 : Understand your target customers and your product.

Market research is important, if time and resources permits. This will help you make a better judgement of your campaign, regardless of the strategy you choose to implement. For example, in the illustration – we try our best to design an appropriate gift that will make sense to the target customer. It is very crucial that your promotion aligns with your brand positioning.

Step 2 : Pricing

Sales promotions will always require an additional capital loss. Unless you own multiple fighter brands in retail, do not invest in sales promotions to make a loss. Therefore, take some time to plan out your expenses and returns.

Step 3 : Branding

The most crucial part of this is branding. We believe that sales promotions are not just about boosting sales volume, but also to create brand recognition. Relate your promotions to your brand as much as you can. Make sure your packaging has your website, brand logo and/or country of origin. Customers can sometimes associate the quality of your product with the country of origin. These are just some features of a packaging that will help with branding.

Why gift-with-purchase?

Customers tend to enjoy things that seem more tangible and therefore we recommend our clients to adopt a gift-with-purchase when designing an on-pack promotion. Gift-with-purchases are usually non-perishable goods. Therefore, when you personalize your gifts (with logos or mascots), it essentially creates a longer lasting brand exposure for your product.

What can Mindsparkz do for you?

Mindsparkz is a design agency operating under the ODM Group, with over 17 years of experience in the field of marketing. We help companies in almost every step of the process ; Branding, Product Design, Web Design and others. We can help you create your own branded packaging to help with your next on-pack promotion. This can also be complemented with our procurement office from the ODM Group, to help realize your designs. Check out our portfolio to check out our past projects.

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