How to design a custom Snow Globe

We have had a lot of enquiries from our clients requesting custom snow globes. We love making these for our clients, because they are easy to personalise and fun to play with. Due to the popularity of this product, we wanted to share with everyone the different stages involved in designing a custom snow globe.

Step 1 : Request for quotation

This might have been obvious, but we have to start somewhere. This is not an essential element in the designing process. However, it is how we iron out the details with clients on the specifics of the product. This can include project budget, quantity and shipping arrangements. It initiates the design process to help us with drafting the best designs based on our client’s preferences. Clients can also provide a rough sketch to illustrate a brief concept.

Based on past projects, here are some factors clients should consider :
i. Shape of glass dome
ii. Interior Figurine design
iii. Material and custom engraving/print of snowglobe base
iv. Interior LED light (optional)

Step 2 : Drafting and Sketching

Custom Snow Globes

Our team of designers starts replicating the designs requested by our clients. Drafting includes making multiple versions of the product. This is an important part of innovation, because it ensures that we approach it in different perspective. Sketching by hand helps us come up with more designs and also create a bone structure of the drafts.

Step 3 : Digital Illustration

Custom Snow Globes

After we’ve sketched the drafts, we use our digital illustator softwares to start replicating the design. It simulates the texture of the materials as much as possible.

Step 4 : Layout

Custom Snow Globes

Here, we try to illustrate the snowglobe at different angles. This makes it easier for the clients to comprehend the snow globe. We also try to specify the material used and the anatomy of the snow globe.

In a nutshell

Custom Snow Globes are the ultimate presents for your friends, family, colleagues or clients. We try our best to simulate your ideal snow globe and hopefully turn it into reality. Interested in designing your own custom snow globes? Start with step 1, and ask for a quotation!

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