Custom Phone Case

In the series of our Rooster Blogs is this design just a new and really useful product. A phone case is used by nearly everyone with a smartphone, as this is protecting the phone of scratches and stains, which might could happen through handling it in your all day life. To use such a product, by communicate your brand with such a unique and nice design is perfect to spread the word around your brand and company.

Custom Phone Case

This combination of wood and silicone is just a really nice and catchy characteristic of this product. The brand-ability for this design is also really big, as this design is possible to be branded on the wooden part, as also on the silicone part and can be customized to the on going campaign your company might has.

The Materials for this design are also customizable and can therefore be suited to your campaign, brand and company. The choice of material is important to represent the message you want to communicate to your customers. Using wood, for example, is great to communicate that you are thinking about the environment and therefore get more attention to your brand as also additional customers.

Here at Mindsparkz we are constantly pushing innovation and creativity within the design industry, so if you want to construct unique and ingenious products like this great Phone Case, why not send us an email at [email protected] or visit us on our website at Mindsparkz to see our own original designs and creations.

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