Custom Cable Organizers

#WorkFromHome Gift Idea : Custom Cable Organizers

Working from home is not as easy as we thought it would be. While many of us fantasized about doing work remotely, many others have found themselves being less productive. We don’t blame you, you just need to re-evaluate your workspace! Here is something to gift to your colleagues during this #WFH season – custom cable organizers


Firstly, we wanted to keep it simple and minimal. It had to be a single standalone product, that can be flexible and used regardless of how thick the cables are. We also wanted something portable and light, therefore not limited to home use. This is a sketch we made for our friends from the ODM Group!

Final Artwork

Here, we furnished up the final artwork with more details. As you can see, the colors used in this design makes it much more vibrant. We’ve also personalized it by adding the brand logo and mascot. These are great for keeping your charger cables or earpiece from getting tangled in your bag. Moreover, these can also be used to organize your excessively long laptop cables! We just love how universal these custom cable organizers are.

Who should I give it to?

We’ve given these to our colleagues, clients and friends. You’re not restricted with generosity. We recommend adding this to your next gift-with-purchase idea or maybe even an item to add into your welcome-back-to-school gift pack for your beloved students. Interested in designing your own custom cable organizers? Don’t hesitate to send your inquiry now!

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