How Custom Bar Menu Design brings in the Clients

When it comes to bar menu design, only a few bar owners take the time to create the “custom bar menu” that catches the guests attention. Well, everyone takes notice of the slightest detail, even the menu.

Bar menus should be presentable; it should also be unique.  The bar menu is important because it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. In fact, when customers post your bar menus to various social media platforms, it means you did a great job!

Types of Menu Designs

Before we get into specifics on designing a great bar menu, we’ll have to learn some other types of menu design.

  • À La Carte – This may be the most common one in the list. It literally means “by the menu” in French. It’s basically a list of items that are priced and can be ordered separately. This type of menu gives your customers the flexibility to have what they really want.
  • Dessert Menu – This type of menus are specific to desserts. Often times, restaurants highlight their must-try dessert on this menu. Furthermore, this menu is perfect for those customers who would like to satisfy their sweet cravings.
  • Bar Menu – Also know as the drinks/ beverage menu. A lot of restaurants use this type of menu.  They often include specialty drinks, classic wines, and their newest concoction. It’s better if you include a short description of each drink.

Designing a Custom Bar Menu

  • Choose the Perfect Material – Though we don’t have a definite answer to this frequent question, we can say that getting the overall theme of your restaurant usual provides the answer to this million dollar question. Just keep in mind that the material that you’ll choose reflects your brand’s image. If you want to have that rustic yet upscale dining feel, then the best choice would be using wood for cover; such as oak, mahogany, etc. Overall, there are a lot of options for menu materials. We just have to explore or easily coordinate with experts such as the team at Mindsparkz.
  • Work on the Layout – Avoid putting on too much of something. Never let out your inner Picasso and splash all the colors of the rainbow onto your menu. Because too much of anything means nothing. Carefully plan out your layout, utilize the perfect hues, and choose the best font style. See the layout from a customer’s point of view. And, imagine if the menu should be folded, one page, horizontal or vertical. Mindsparkz has few samples to help you decide:
  • Utilise High Definition Photos – It’s highly advisable to use high – quality photos or graphics. Good photos tease customers making them order something from the menu. It appeals visually to customers. Also, the establishment may easily highlight their best dishes on the menu using great photos.

Running a food and drinks establishment can be very overwhelming. But following the tips above may help you reach your goals. Start with your menu and see what happens next.

When it comes to different types of menus, Mindsparkz can save you from all the troubles. Contact us now and will give expert advise!

Kent Lim
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