The Mind Behind A Creative Design Company: CAD Files

In one of our previous blogs, we wrote about A Day in our HCM Office. There, we discovered the daily routine of our designers at Mindsparkz, a creative design company. In today’s blog, we will delve deeper into the mind of a Mindsparkz designer, and explore one of the key programs that they carry out with the product design services.

Here at Mindsparkz, our designers work extremely hard to ensure the highest of quality for our clients. From extensive brainstorm and research, to dedicated sketches, they put in 100% from the first to last step to ensure only the best idea is presented to our clients.


One significant term in their journeys as designers would be CAD files. Let us first understand briefly what a CAD file is. CAD, or Computer-aided Design, refers to the use of computer systems to create, modify, analyse, or optimize a design. These files are typically created on Auto CAD, and can be presented in 2D or 3D form.


Creative Design Company-CAD file

CAD File

So, what do our designers do with these CAD Files?

In the beginning, Mindsparkz designers will draw their ideas on paper or on photoshop program to create 2D models. A basic CAD file can then be generated from the 2D model.

Next, the designers will reference from these basic CAD files to create 3D models for visuals. These 3D visuals are then sent to clients.

Once the 3D visuals are approved, designers will export the new CAD files with more detailed information on the sizes. These detailed CAD files are then sent to factories, displaying the size details and the 4 views – Top, Right, Left and Bottom.

That’s it for CAD files created from the designers’ side.


For CAD files that the designers receive from the suppliers for review, they are often in unconventional file formats. Hence, the designers will take them, clean them up, and organize them in PDF format for easy viewing. They will also help to re-scale and size the images. This helps with review, design confirmation, printing, emailing to colleagues, etc.


So, this is how designers at our creative design company come up with the quality service that you see on a daily basis! We are passionate in the work we do, creating high-quality designs that are consistent with your branding and promotional needs.

Here at Mindsparkz, we provide a plethora of services. These include graphic designproduct designproduct branding and web design services, as well as retainer program. Thus, if your company is in need of some quality design services, feel free to contact us at any time!

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