Come Together Music Festival

Come Together Charity Festival 2019: Annual Tradition, All New Designs!

Come Together Music Festival – an annual charity event that takes place in Zhuhai, China. This year marked the 8th edition and took place on the 7th of December 2019.

The Come Together Charity Music Festival is South China’s premier and largest charity music festival that brings over a thousand people from all walks of life to celebrate music and raise money for local charities. It is a yearly event that is held in Zhuhai, China, and is organized and managed by the CT Community (CTC) and its partners. We here at Mindsparkz are always glad to help with their design services! In fact, we have been designing graphic material for the festival for the past several years!

Let’s take a look at the graphic material we designed for this year’s edition!


The poster acts as the base for all graphic material created for the event. Before you start designing, it is useful to identify the purpose of the poster. In this case, it is to advertise the event in the most eye-catching way as possible and attract peoples’ attention. In addition, the poster is used to inform people useful information such as the time, date, venue and headlines of the event.

Elements are used in the designing of the poster and comprise of the “Come Together” logo – the same one that has been used in other editions but with updated and revised colors. This composition is to simulate a stage and the color palette is to simulate the light and ambiance as seen and experienced at the concert. In addition, the pattern on the background adds to this vibe with musical instruments.

In previous years, we used graphic elements related to musical instruments, such as guitars. However, this year we decided to use speakers and a microphone. Furthermore, the hands-on the front of the stage foreshadows the audience having lots of fun!

One important thing to note is that all the graphic material must be bilingual since the event is taking place in China and aims at having a diverse audience. This ensures that everyone can understand the contents of the poster and lets them know that everyone is welcome!

This poster was printed and displayed in many places across the city and shared through many social media platforms, including the biggest one in China, WeChat!

Now, check out how we used the different graphic elements to create the rest of the material for the event:


Come Together Music Festival

Come Together Music Festival

The design of your event ticket is important as it will end up in the hands of your customers and can influence how they perceive your event. It is a representation of your brand and you definitely want your customers to view your brand positively. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your ticket is visually and aesthetically appealing yet concise.

We have designed the ticket so that it includes all the required information such as date and price, location and event details. The design of the ticket also keeps to a consistent theme as seen in the poster.

Venue Map

Come Together Music Festival

The venue map is useful for allowing people to locate where the event will be held as well as the facilities located nearby. This can help them plan their transportation to the event in advance. It also gives a clear view of the event’s location and where it will be situated. The map was designed to show the event’s location and the different nearby streets and buildings.

Event map

Come Together Music Festival

The event map features a simple and straightforward design for easy understanding and navigation. Different numbers are assigned to different locations and are neatly displayed on the map’s layout. In addition, the map only contains the minimum essential information and details for the participants’ reference. This also prevents the map from being too cluttered. Important facilities such as the First-Aid station and toilets are also listed on the map.


Come Together Music Festival

The tokens act as coupons which participants can use at the event. Note how the design of the tokens keeps to a consistent theme which can be observed throughout the other event material.

Entrance Banner

Come Together Music Festival

The entrance banner is designed with a consistent theme in mind and looks similar to the event poster. Grab the attention of participants by having a visually appealing and eye-catching banner! A well-designed poster will also help to increase your brand’s visibility and awareness. It will also generate positive publicity for your event.

Balcony Banner

Come Together Music Festival

Come Together Music Festival

The design of the balcony banner is simple and easy to understand. It includes the name of the event in both English and Mandarin to accommodate participants of different nationalities. It also shows many hands holding the sides of the banner to illustrate and reinforce the feeling of “coming together”.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Additionally, here are some of the posters we designed for previous years:

How we can help you…

Interested in event materials design and how it can impact your business? Mindsparkz is here to help! Our dedicated and talented team of in-house designers offer professional design and creative services to cater to your needs and requirements. We specialize in several design aspects such as product designgraphic design, web design, illustration, brainstorming and we also offer a retainer program. If you would like to design graphic materials for your next event, feel free to drop us an inquiry today!

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