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Original Double-Wall Flask

Chinese New Year is a great event to start a big promotion to gain a bigger brand awareness and sales through and after the event for your products. This original double-wall flask is the first product of a series, we want to present you from our Rooster Presentation. This promotional product is perfect to promote any drinks brand, as this can be holding any cold or hot liquid and will therefore be perfect for coffee, but also for soft drink companies.

Chinese New Year Rooster Gift: Original Double-Wall Flask

Chinese New Year Rooster Gift: Original Double-Wall Flask

The outside of this bottle has a high-end design with the gold metal pattern, makes this bottle unique and adds more value to it. The Rooster on the top of the bottle is really elaborate and will make sure the Costumer links this product to the Chinese New Years topic. The Branding potential on this bottle is great and fully customize-able.


Also the packaging is offering such a potential and is making sure, by the transparent plastic, that this will immediately be linked to the Year of the Rooster. The Rooster itself is made out of a silicon material and is really detailed. The red packaging is fitting perfectly to the gold color of the Rooster on top.


This product would be a great product for promotion, as this will thank your loyal costumers, but also attract potential costumers to prefer your brand and products.


Please contact us, if you are interested to impress your costumers with such a original double-wall flask. We can provide you with other nice designs and ideas to promote your brand and to reach your target group.

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