5 Effective Product Decoration Guide Point

We are continuously thinking of how we can promote our brand to capture better market attention. One way would be to use promotional products. However, what type of design techniques or factors do we want our promotional products to have? Here we will be going through 5 popular techniques that can be used to help with your creative process and ideation on the types of products you might consider doing through our Product Decoration Guide Point!

Screen Print

Screen printing is a printing method that uses a plate that uses a “screen mesh,” which is woven with synthetic fibers such as polyester or metal fibers such as stainless steel. It is a type of “stencil printing,” which prints on target objects by passing ink through the mesh of a screen mask.


Embroidery consists of stitching a design into the fabric through a fast automated sewing machine. We recommend embroidery for caps, clothing, towels, and bags. There is an extensive range of color options for embroidery. Embroidery is generally very durable so it will last the lifetime of the fabric. You can achieve a three-dimensional look to your logo.


Embossing is the impressing of an image using a hot metal plate to achieve a raised surface in the material. Debossing is flattening an image using a hot metal plate into the material’s surface so that the image is indented into the product. Finally, foil Stamping uses colored foil on the hot plate to transfer the foil to the surface. To create a dazzling three-dimensional effect, using a foil stamp with embossing! These decoration methods are perfect for leather goods.

Laser Engraving or Etching

Laser engraving is the process of adopting a computerized laser for etching the surface of an object. It is a very long-lasting decoration technique with subtle but striking results. Laser engraving works very well for wood, metal, some plastics, and glass.

Transfer – Digital, Plastisol

We recommended digital transfers for any design that uses many shades of colors or a photo. Transfers are a decoration method that prints the design onto a special paper first, rather than directly to the product. It is then placed on the product and pressed with a heat press at high temperatures.

After the heat dissipates, the paper is removed to show the design. Plastisol Transfer uses a special plastisol ink, where a digital transfer uses CMYK inks to transfer full-color designs onto the garment. You can print more detailed and vivid images than those produced with conventional screen printing.

How Can Mindsparkz Help?

Mindsparkz is a design agency operating under the ODM Group, a company with over 17 years of experience in the field of marketing. At Mindsparkz, we assist companies in every step of the process from Product Design, Product Branding, Web Design, and Graphic Design. If you are looking to produce a product idea of your own, contact us to find out how we can help you in making your dream product come true!
This can also be complemented with our procurement office from the ODM Group, to help realize your designs. Check out our portfolio to see our past projects.

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