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Packaging Design Companies

Why Packaging Design Companies Are Becoming More and More Important

In this day and age, the world is more competitive than ever before. As such, companies need to stand out to succeed. Where's a better place to start differentiation for your product branding than with your packaging design? Packaging is the first thing the consumer sees about your product. People are visual creatures by nature. Something that is well designed...

Creative Design Company-CAD file

The Mind Behind A Creative Design Company: CAD Files

In one of our previous blogs, we wrote about A Day in our HCM Office. There, we discovered the daily routine of our designers at Mindsparkz, a creative design company. In today's blog, we will delve deeper into the mind of a Mindsparkz designer, and explore one of the key programs that they carry out with...

Promotional Merchandise Design

How Product Branding Makes A Difference To Your Promotional Merchandise Design!

Previously, in the article 'The Main Components of a Strong Brand Identity', we learnt how product branding helps companies like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Google achieve a strong brand identity. Today, we will discuss how product branding used in promotional merchandise design can help companies boost their promotional marketing efforts!   [caption id="attachment_52746" align="aligncenter" width="1880"] Image source[/caption] In essence, product branding is becoming increasingly important in our...

product design agency - brainstorm

A Day at Product Design Agency: Brainstorm to Find the Perfect Idea!

Mindsparkz is a creative agency with a focus on graphic and product design services. We’re here to help produce creative and innovate designs – and offer product branding and retainer programs as well. Regardless of the service a client has requested, our designers work extremely hard to ensure the highest quality end-product. One way that we ensure high quality work is...

Product design companies - sketches

Here’s How Product Design Companies Can Benefit Your Business!

In any business, it is vital to stay ahead of the competition in order to achieve success. One such way would be through the creation of new products that attract customers. This is where product design companies come into play! As competition between businesses increase, product design companies are growing in importance. In this article,...

Promotional Product Design

Promotional Product Design: Function Meets Creativity

In today's world, the customer is king. When companies design their products, they usually try to find a way to stand out from the competition. Promotional product design is a way that companies stand out from the crowd. In order to attract customers, companies try to make their products attractive. However, there comes a point where...