inspiring quotes for empowering women

Inspiring Quotes for Empowering Women

On Sunday, the 8th of March, we celebrated International Women’s Day. This day honours the achievements of women all across the world in a fight that has moved generations - the fight for equal rights. Throughout the past, women have been pursuing a better life, better work conditions, equal paychecks,...

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You might even want to have your own business with your wide range of products to sell. You have the product but you do not know how to design a packaging that would effectively gain attraction and attention from the market. Here we will be discussing the importance of...

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Promotional Display Ideas to increase brand awareness

Point of purchase displays or promotional displays are the eye-catching promotional and/or sales displays we see at cash registers or checkout lines at stores. It's a way to promote a product while getting into a potential customer's head. The promotional display comes in various designs and ways to create...

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5 Effective Product Decoration Guide Point

We are continuously thinking of how we can promote our brand to capture better market attention. One way would be to use promotional products. However, what type of design techniques or factors do we want our promotional products to have? Here we will be going through 5 popular...

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Designing a Website: 7 Most Important Factors to Consider

Sitemap – structure Before starting the design, it is best to make the correct structure (map) of it. It is very important to design a good structure, this is so that users would not be confused with the content and topics that are created. The map should be branched out...

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Many of us are now tied with our mobile devices everywhere we go. In Singapore, we are so tied that we are required to scan QR codes with our phones in order to enter any malls, office, school, or any other space in general. When we are now utilizing...

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