Here at Mindsparkz, we believe that strengthening your brand identity is essential to promote your company, product, or services. Whether you are rebranding or are considering improving your existing brand, we can always help you out.


Through our brand identity services, we can provide you with high-quality, personalized promotional product that truly stands out.


With our solid background in brand identity design, we are able to help your company create meaningful brands that resonate with consumers. Powerful brands cause people to move. That is why we work hard to create compelling branding solutions that inspire.


As a creative agency dedicated to helping businesses reach its potential through fresh and unique promotional merchandise and ideas, we make sure that our branding effort is compatible with all your promotional and marketing activities. We are here every step of the way- starting from brainstorming and product design development to sourcing goods from China up to the final stage. Our team always makes sure that the services are smoothly carried out.


Mindsparkz is based in China. As such, our specialists are very much involved in the design, sourcing, and manufacturing process. Through our involvement, we are able to maintain branding consistency over our merchandise.


With our strong design skills, a keen eye for detail, and meaningful visuals, we will help boost your presence and communicate your message through multiple platforms.


Our agency strives to incorporate your identity into every promotional product we make. Our creative consultants take into consideration your company’s values and target market when designing your brand because we value your business.


Let your brand tell your story! Our team of professionals in China has worked with various companies before and they know what strategies work. With our expertise and innovative services, you can make a lasting mark in the market. Contact us today!