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Graphic Design Services To Bolster Your Social Media Marketing

In today’s fast-paced business world, social media plays an intrinsic role in connecting with your audience in a way to generate direct sales. However, with the prevalence of social media marketing, you need to understand how you can best leverage graphic design services to make your social media marketing campaigns stand out!



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Here in this article, we recommend 5 compelling social media websites and respective marketing strategies that can absolutely use the help of graphic design services to reach your target audience more effectively.


1. Facebook

Live streaming a Q&A or tutorial to show your expertise

Various studies have suggested people’s preference for video marketing content.  Live streaming is the latest extension of video marketing and exhibits immaculate ability to boost audience engagement.

By live streaming, you are enabling your audience to send in questions or comments in real time.

You should precisely use that to your advantage!

The key here is to acknowledge your followers, answer their questions, and respond to compliments during your video.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also offer live streaming capabilities. They will notify your followers as soon as you start rolling the camera.


2. Youtube

Post videos on your processes

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with 300 hours of content being uploaded on site every minute. Posting videos on Youtube is surely a great way to reach out to the wide audience base out there for your service or product.

Add a personal touch to your brand by giving your followers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes process. How-to-videos are also one of the more popular categories uploaded on Youtube. This is certainly a creative way to showcase your talents and expertise to potential clients.


3. Instagram

Create stories to share quick contents 

Storytelling has always been effective in forming a connection between brand and audience.  Now, with the advent of social media, storytelling has become easier through sharing snippets of your day and experiences online.

You can use Instagram stories to easily share updates on project progression, show a before and after, or share other exciting content that will appeal to your audience. And to ensure a higher follow-through view rate, post your stories in sequence.

Do so by planning out your story-line in advance. Get creative with it by personalizing your Instagram stories with features like hashtags and locations. Take advantage of these features to create visually appealing and unique content to make your brand stand out.


4. Twitter

Illustrate someone else’s tweet

Who is not on Twitter!

This social media giant is a powerful and widely used networking tool.

While many think it is just for announcing day-to-day social activities, there are many ways where you can leverage Twitter for your business. For instance, surprise your prospective clients with artwork tailored to their tweet. Not only does this makes a personal introduction of your brand to your prospective clients, but it also attracts other people’s attention to your brand and look to find out more on what you can offer!


5. LinkedIn

Network and post links to your published work

Last but not least, LinkedIn, specifically for business networking, is also one of strongest social media sites for sales conversion and leads generation.  You would be surprised to know that alone LinkedIn brings in up to 80% of many businesses leads.

First, create a portfolio on LinkedIn by posting links to your finished work. Next, start networking on LinkedIn by asking your clients if you can tag them in their posts. Also, ask them if they could share your links as well.


In The End…

Social media sites are great platforms for you to connect personally with your audience.

As a graphic design firm, we can definitely play with our creative strengths and assist you in formulating a social media strategy that proffers to your interactive metrics.

Whether it’s advertisements, images, videos, or etc., used for your social media marketing, let us know and we can deliberate on profound ways of tuning your audience further.


Here at Mindsparkz, we provide retainer program perfect for many clients that are needing repeated monthly marketing. Have your business ROI exhilarated with our creative services. With our team of dedicated and proficient designers, you can be assured of gaining an edge over your competitors!

Feel free to contact us any time!

Elise Cheong
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