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Custom Phone Case

In the series of our Rooster Blogs is this design just a new and really useful product. A phone case is used by nearly everyone with a smartphone, as this is protecting the phone of scratches and stains, which might could happen through handling it in your all day life. To use such a product, by...

Unique POS Display

On the other blogs before we mentioned, that we had a brainstorming for the upcoming Chinese new year, which will be in the honor of the Rooster. The brainstorm presentation contains a lot of different products, which we would like to present you in a few coming blogs. This new design of a custom and...

Zhuhai Pool Party

Mindsparkz is always looking to help out with community events around our city. Recently we've been asked to gert involved in organizing a public pool party. In years past I remember going to several of these each summer. They were a great chance to meet new people with similar interests (sun, swim, and beer) -...