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POS design

Building Brand Awareness With Packaging Design Agency

Product packaging is more than merely protecting your products during shipping and handling. It is the first thing customers see about your product and an important tool for building brand awareness.


Unless your product is really unique, chances are the marketplace is chock-full of retailers offering similar products. To stand out from the crowd, you have to differentiate your product branding. What better way to do so than delivering the best customer experience with a creative custom packaging?


This is where a packaging design agency comes in! A Packaging design agency helps you design a packaging solution that not only preserves the product but also inspires and resonates with your audience as well. Enhance your customer experience through exciting unwrapping process that comes with attractive packaging designs.



A Packaging Design Agency’s 3 Cs – Tips For Reinforcing Brand Awareness

Mindsparkz, is a creative product and packaging design agency. With our extensive experience in creating packaging designs for our clients, here are some tips for creating a positive first impression for your brand.


1. Color

The first thing people will notice about your brand is the packaging. Color makes up the main visuals of any packaging design. The use of color and logo must be strategic, depending on your product design and marketing message.

For instance, if your packaging is for a novelty product, or one that targets the younger market, consider using vivid colors to evoke excitement. Alternatively, for natural products, consider earthy packaging colors instead.


2. Consistency

Next, make sure the color theme of your packaging design aligns with your brand. This consistency in color theme helps strengthen your brand identity in the market. It allows customers to associate your brand with your product through its packaging.

For instance, Coca-Cola’s color theme features red, white, grey and black. As such, their packaging are usually in any of these 4 colors, with red being the most dominant. When you see a red carton of soft drinks, it’s not Pepsi but Coca-Cola’s the first thing that comes to your mind.

Just as important as maintaining brand consistency in your marketing, designing your product packaging that’s consistent with your brand’s identity is as crucial.


3. Connection

Always customize your packaging to trigger a connection between customers and the brand.

Create a memorable brand experience for customers by considering a more hands-on design approach for a better unwrapping experience!

In addition, customize contents on the packaging in a way that forms a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. This helps to establish finer brand perception that connects to your brand values.

For instance, if maintaining business transparency is one of your brand values, perhaps a transparent packaging can help convey that message. A short and crisp custom message on your packaging can do the trick as well.


Packaging Design Agency

Are you looking to grow your brand with an experienced packaging design agency? Look no further than Mindsparkz! We specialize in various design aspects, including graphic design servicesproduct design services and web design services. You can rest assured that we can deliver all your packaging design needs in a timely manner.

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Design Retainer Service

The Benefits Of Design Retainer Service in the Promotional Industry

Have you ever considered how your business could benefit from a full design department? A design retainer program might just be for you.


What is a design retainer service?

This is a design service offered by Mindsparkz for clients who want to work together on more than just one product, for a set rate. Basically, clients are “pre-ordering” our designers’ time. This long-term relationship allows Mindsparkz to become familiar with a brand and help in executing long-term promotional goals.

Hence, this retainer relationship allows clients to instantly tap into the resources of an experienced and skilled design department without having to build one themselves.


So, Where Does A Design Retainer Service Comes Into Play In The Promotional Industry?

The promotional industry has many facets of business that each require expertise in their own way. Project managers need to work with suppliers in order to make the right product, in the right timeframe, at the right cost. The sales team needs to make sure that there is a buyer for these, and that their expectations are met or exceeded.


Designers in the industry need to cover a workload that spans all stages of the timeline. From product deck conception, branded product mock-ups, client presentations, CAD development, artwork approval documents, packaging design, and so much more.


In some agencies, there are no on-staff designers with promotional product specialization. In these cases, sales and project management staff have to wear the design cap and do their best to handle what they can – while individually outsourcing the rest. This not only puts a strain on the staff’s workload, but also uses their time to perform tasks that they may not be well suited for. In the end, it’s these inefficiencies that cost companies hard-earned dollars.


And this is precisely where the design retainer program comes into play to address the above concerns.


Design Retainer Service

Mindsparkz Designers

How Does Mindsparkz’s Design Retainer Service Benefits Your Promotional Marketing Efforts?

Firstly, you get access to our designers who are professionals in promotional products. This leads to better promotional marketing content.


Secondly, with subsequent projects, you save time working with our designers who already understand your brand. Furthermore, this long-term relationship with our Mindsparkz team supports experimentation and optimization in your promotional campaigns.


Lastly, you save money by booking time in advance compared to budgeting projects one at a time. Moreover, with more hours committed to our retainer program, you get to enjoy a discounted rate. This means more budget to make your promotional efforts shine!


To Conclude…

Looking for a long-term partner to help accomplish your ongoing design work? Then it might be time to consider taking your relationship with a creative design agency to the next level.


Here at Mindsparkz, we are a creative design agency brimming with ideas for products and services. Our rich experience in the promotional industry means that you can enter into a retainer program to work with our intuitive team for excellent promotional solutions! We take immense pride in our product, web and graphic design services which have a proven track record of delivering excellent results.

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Packaging Design Companies

Why Packaging Design Companies Are Becoming More and More Important

In this day and age, the world is more competitive than ever before. As such, companies need to stand out to succeed. Where’s a better place to start differentiation for your product branding than with your packaging design?

Packaging is the first thing the consumer sees about your product. People are visual creatures by nature. Something that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more potential customers than a product that is poorly designed and looks bland. This is where packaging design companies come in.

Packaging Design Companies

Packaging Design

So, why are Packaging Design Companies so important?

To attract customers, companies need to stand out. To do this, brands must be creative. They need to come up with an idea that is unique, original, and something that their competition has not yet done. One way you can do all these is with your packaging design. This is where packaging design companies come in.

Innovative packaging designs help grow your brand in an innovative way that allows your customers to associate your brand to a certain thing – be it a colour or a font. Essentially, this means that customers that are drawn to a package are bound to remember it later down the road before coming back to the product. As such, packaging design companies can first help your brand visibility, then brand image and eventually brand loyalty!


Let us now find out what makes good Packaging Design Companies

  • Visibility: Good packaging design companies are easily searchable, with relevant keywords. Such key words include “Packaging design company” and “Packaging design firm”. This certainly helps improve the first impression of the company.
  • Professionalism & creativity: Good packaging design companies have a professional attitude. They ensure that the objectives of the clients are fully understood. This leads to high quality and error-free content, generating the best visual impact.
  • Portfolio: Good design companies have an extensive portfolio of design work. Having an extensive portfolio shows that the company can develop unique and varied designs across different market segments. The company’s portfolio also has to be recent.
  • Qualified: A good design company has to be qualified in its craft. This means that the company needs to already have completed many similar projects. This shows experience, increasing the customer’s confidence in the brand.


Packaging Design Companies

Packaging Design

Here at Mindsparkz, we offer professional design and creative services for your packaging needs. With our team of dedicated designers, you can certainly be sure that we can assist your company in gaining an edge over your competitors! So, feel free to contact us at any time!

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