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Having our Headquarter based in Hong Kong, it allows us to have a better understanding of business operations in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Having a China patent helps to block off the use of low cost manufacturer to your competitors.

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Copyright exists in principal to protect those individuals who might create a work of fiction or indeed work of non-fiction and use any of the aforementioned mediums to make it accessible to a larger number of people. Where copyright comes into its own is in its legal ability to prevent other individuals making your work accessible to others without first seeking your permission and agreeing on licensing terms before hand.
The logo – simply TM after the name, phrase or graphic – indicates to others viewing or potentially contemplating using said name, phrase or graphic that it has already been copyrighted and registered with the relevant authorities. This is particularly important if you are planning to market your product in countries outside that of manufacture and warns other potential manufacturers that they may be infringing laws by copying or using your name, phrase or graphic without first seeking the relevant permission and licenses.
A patent is applied for if you design – or invent – a product that may have more than one application and may have widespread appeal. The purpose of patenting your invention is to inform other would-be inventors that the product has already been registered as a design and that any attempts to copy or plagiarise said design can result in proceedings being brought.

Taking every step to ensure that your design is safeguarded is one of the most important steps on the road to seeing your invention move from the page to the manufacturing stage.

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